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Well cared for pets means...

Peace of mind for you....

Pet Sitting for pets whose people are on the go!  Serving Archer, Bronson, SW Gainesville, parts of NW Gainesville, Newberry and Jonesville!  

All of our service selections require a meet and greet before services begin...its easy to book!  

We will schedule the meet and greet before your very first booking with us.   Its a great time to get to know your pets, learn about their space, habits, favorite toys and feeding routine.   

Most of our meet and greets are done after we have already confirmed you are booking with us, but if for any reason you are undecided or you want to see how your pets do with us first,  that's ok too!  

We are happy to schedule a meeting and trial visits before your trip, so that everyone is comfortable! 

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Siberian cat-cat sitting-Newberry Florida-a dogs life pet sitting

Cat Sitting

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Dog Sitting

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Bird Sitting


hear it from our clients

Siberian cat-cat sitting-Newberry Florida-a dogs life pet sitting

"Stephanie is just the best! Takes great care of the kitties and all the little details. I'm so glad we found her!"

Will and Crystal H.   owners of Fiskr and Fierro

Review from Time To Pet Happiness Survey

Cat Sitting

Cats have many different personalities,  our services are customized to your unique cat.   Shy cats?  No problem,  I give them space to chill and get used to my presence in their home.   Talking softly to them or just sitting close by.  More affectionate cats,  I love to allow lap time, combing and petting!    Many times those shy cats have turned into lap cats after a few visits!  

happy cat-cat sitting-a dog's life pet sitting

Pricing & Details

Cat care includes feeding, fresh water, scooping the litter box daily, brushing,  and playtime.    I know that some kitties are .on the shy side, and  may not engage at first,  for those kitties I will give them their space, until they feel comfortable.   I will always check on them and make sure they have eaten, used the litter box and I will try to peek in on them quietly in their hiding spot if possible.  

I am comfortable giving oral medications and have a few calming and low stress tricks that usually work for most kitties.   A trial visit may be scheduled for those kitties who may be a bit less enthusiastic! 

 20-30 minute visit

starting at $17

additional fees may apply for extra care that requires a longer visit.....

cat care

Pricing & Details

Dog visits are 30-40 minutes long and may include a walk.

Additional dogs in the home may require more time,  so that everyone gets equal attention and play time!

30-40 minute visit

starting at $20

additional fees may apply if extra time is required....

Ready to join?

Dog Sitting

Dog sitting includes feeding, water, exercise-walk or playing outside in a secure area.   Older dogs may only need a potty break and some company and a shorter walk to get the joints loosened up.   Your dog visits are customized to your dogs needs whether young or old.  

Dog visits can be scheduled up to 3 times per day, early morning, midday or dinner time and bed time. 

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dog care
Bird Sitting

Got a playful parrot or parakeet?   Our bird care service allows you to keep your feathered friend at home safe from exposure to other birds or disease.  

Out of cage time can be allowed during our visits, if we are comfortable with your bird and your bird is comfortable with us.  For those birds who are shy around strangers, we are happy to change out toys or let your bird listen to music or watch Bird TV from the safety and comfort of their enclosure or cage. 

parrot-bird sitting-a dog's life pet sitting

Pricing & Details

Bird care service includes feeding and  fresh water, out of cage time if arranged, cutting up any fruits or vegetables for your bird if required, changing the paper daily or as instructed,  and light cleaning of perches



60-minute visit


30 minute visit


Ready to join?

bird care

Service Area

We serve the following neighborhoods:

Haile Plantation




Emerald Woods

Hunter's Crossing

Suburban Heights

... and beyond!

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