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Female Dog Walker
Pomperanian-Dog Sitter Gainesville, Fl


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  • What if I don't have travel dates yet and I am just looking to set up a sitter for future services?
    We love that you are a planner! We typically do not schedule services more than 6 months in advance, however, if you are looking for a sitter to come by on a random basis for a potty break or something like that and you want to go ahead and set up with us or you feel your pet might need a few trial runs before you plan a get-a-way, then we are happy to set up a meet and greet for you. There will be a $20 fee that will credited back to you if you do decide to book services or do a trial visit.
  • Do you offer mid day dog walks or potty breaks? I work and cannot get home to let my dog out during the day....
    While we understand the need for this service, this is not something we offer on a long term, regular basis or every day of the week. There are times when we have availability for this a few times a week and we are happy to discuss with you. If we cannot assist, we do have referrals to other sitters in the area who do offer this service regularly and may be happy to help!
  • Are you comfortable giving medications to cats?
    I am comfortable, the question is always is the cat comfortable having someone they don't know give them medication? I DO NOT give insulin shots or SubQ fluids. I do give oral meds and have been able to make most kitties comfortable with the process either by using pill pockets, Churus or other treats they love or using a pill shooter. The important thing is to be able to find the cat in the home, and to be able to handle kitty safely, calmly, and of course, get the meds in as scheduled. I am happy to discuss the various options for success I have used with other clients and to do a few trial visits before your trip.
  • Why do I have to open an account in your booking software? Can I just text or email the dates to you?
    Our booking software is a quick one time set up and allows us to stay organized and not miss a message or a visit. You will be able to book future services quickly 24 hours a day, view your upcoming services, make changes, pay your invoice, keep your pet care instructions, vet information, and emergency contacts up to date. As well as when you are away on your trip, you will get updates from us about how your pet is doing. We are happy to help with the set up should you have any questions.
  • What type of payments do you accept?
    We accept payment through our booking software that is safe and secure. Your credit card is not on file with us and we do not have access to your card number or banking information. You may also pay via Venmo, cash or check. Payment is due at the beginning of service regardless of how your decide to pay.
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