Services and Rates

Pet Care Rates: 


$20-$60 per day depending on number of visits needed each day and number of pets.

Dog visits are 40-45 minutes in length each visit.


Starting at $17 per visit per day depending on number of cats, litter boxes and needs of cats. 

Cat visits are 20-30 minutes in length each visit.


$15 for half hour visit per day

$25 for an hour visit per day


  • Feeding/Water
  • Administering medication including insulin** (visits are required for this service several days prior to your departure, in order to make sure that your pet will be comfortable with me giving the medication, and will be billed at the regular service rate)      I do not do subQ fluids.                          Sweet Pup
  • Walking/playtime/exercise

Some senior pets may only require some companionship while you are away. I enjoy sitting with your fur baby, brushing, petting and chatting with them.

  • Cleaning/scooping litter box
  • Cleaning in and around cages and crates

Puppies and senior pets may require more clean up or play time.

We pride ourselves in quality care over quantity of sits. We take a specific number of sits per day, so that your pet will get the attention it deserves and visits will not be rushed. 

Your pet deserves the best attention and care!