What to Expect at the Meet and Greet with your Pet Sitter

What to Expect at the Meet and Greet with your Pet Sitter:

So you’ve contacted a pet sitter or pet sitting company and you are ready to set up services.  Most reputable sitters will require a meeting to get to know you and your pets prior to service.  This meeting can last anywhere from a half an hour to a full hour and should include the exchange of any and all information related to your pets’ care.  Here’s some tips for what you should expect:

  1. Schedule a time that is convenient for both of you.  Your sitter should not be rushed and should be willing to spend time going over all of the details and forms required to properly care for your pets.  Set a time where both of you can be relaxed and focused so that nothing is missed, questions can be asked and information can be recorded properly.  It’s also important for your pet to be relaxed and be able to spend time getting to know the sitter in a relaxed environment.   This helps create a successful assignment and relationship between the pet and the sitter.
  2.   Find out prior to your scheduled meeting if payment will be required at the meet and greet.  Some services require payment of at least 50% up front as a good faith agreement between the two parties, with the remaining balance due after services are complete.  Others require payment at the first scheduled visit.  Find out what your particular sitter requires so you are not caught off guard.
  3. Your sitter will have a variety of forms for you to fill out such as a contract for services, a veterinarian form, and emergency contact form or they may have everything on one form.  However, there should be some sort of forms involved, whether they are done in person or online prior to the actual meeting.  These forms protect you as well as the sitter.
  4.  You have probably already ask about or saw on the company website whether the sitter has insurance and/or bonding, your sitter may provide proof of these at the meet and greet for you as well.  Most insurance companies provide us with an insurance card with the effective dates similar to an auto insurance card.  Your sitter should be able to show you this information.
  5. Be specific in your instructions to your sitter, there is never too much info when it comes to caring for your pets.  A typed out or hand written instruction sheet is very helpful prior to your meeting.  This way the sitter can go over it step by step with you.  Some companies have online software that allow you to enter the instructions as well.  Find out what your sitter prefers prior to the meet and greet.
  6. A key is usually given to the sitter at the meet and greet.  Some companies require two copies of keys and others offer a lock-box service.  Ask prior to the meet and greet what is expected in regards to keys.
  7.  Confirm that all of the dates for service are correct, your sitter may confirm them with you again prior to your trip, depending on how far in advance they are, but this is a good time for both of you to look at the calendar together and confirm that everything is correct.
  8. Ask about communication between your sitter and yourself while you are away.  Some sitters offer daily updates via text, others will send text and pictures.  Let your sitter know how you prefer to be updated and how often.

Your relationship with your pet sitter starts with the meet and greet.  This is the time to make sure everyone is on the same page and to work out all of the details.  The goal for both parties involved should be a very successful pet sitting assignment, a well cared for pet and peace of mind for you!   Here’s to the beginning of a wonderful fall-pumpkin-wallpaper-27122-hd-wallpapersrelationship between you, your pets and the sitter you choose!!!!  Happy travels!!!



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