5 Ways to Celebrate Responsible Pet Owners Month

5 Ways to Celebrate Responsible Pet Owners Month:

 Responsible Pet Owners Month?

 When I first saw that there was such a thing I thought, we should be celebrating responsible pet owners every day!

February has been designated as National Responsible Pet Owners Month to be the time to not only celebrate being a responsible pet owner but to provide education to those who wish to become a pet owner.   If you are here, then you have most likely made that commitment to a pet (or more than one) and it is definitely something to be celebrated and I hope your pets would agree!


While there are many blog posts on this subject, most of the ones I saw were geared toward education.   Since February is also the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day and love, I wanted to write this blog post to share ways responsible pet owners can celebrate and show their pets some extra love in the process!

I hope you find these tips helpful and maybe informative all in one!

1. Update micro-chip information and/or purchase new name tags for your pet

   Making sure the information on your pets’ microchip is up to date is very important, as many times pets are lost and scanned for a chip, only to find the information is not accurate.

Making sure your contact information is up to date could be the difference between your pet being returned to you or not.    If your pet isn’t chipped, now is a good time to schedule an appointment at your local veterinarian or animal shelter to have it done.

Alachua County Animal Services offers micro-chipping for $10.00 per pet and licensing fees in Alachua County, Florida are substantially less for pets who are micro-chipped.

You can read more info here

Maybe your pets received pretty new collars for Christmas, why not purchase some new tags for that new collar so that the information is clean, clear and easy to read.  Remember to include your phone number and pet’s name on the tags.  Many times pets can be quickly returned to their owners if they have tags on that someone can easily check and make a phone call.


 2. Schedule an annual checkup with your veterinarian

Cat Health Month is also recognized in the month of February.

Although your cat may be an inside only feline, they still need to have an annual check-up.  Annual visits to your veterinarian can help note any changes in your cat from year to year and can help catch any potential illnesses early.  It also can give your veterinarian a base line to what is “normal” for your kitty should any potential problems occur later.

There are so many days in February for showing love for our furry companions!


Februarydogkissquote is also Pet Dental Health Month so it’s a great time to have your pets’ teeth and gums checked or to schedule a cleaning.

Many veterinarians offer special discounts during the month of February, so check with your veterinarian to see if this is available.     Dental care is often overlooked as part of a pet’s care, but it is a very important part of overall health.

And will help you enjoy more Valentine’s Day pooch smooches!  Learn more about dental health here.


3. Give your pet a Spa Day!

We all enjoy being pampered, so why not make an appointment for your dog with their favorite groomer, make a visit to a local pet store that offers a self-service dog wash, or bath and groom your pet at home and make it a special day together!

Whatever method you choose, grooming is important for your pet.  A well, brushed, clean coat not only looks and smells good but it is excellent for your pet’s skin.

And don’t forget to trim those nails and clean the ears!


4. Make a donation to your favorite pet charity in your pets name

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day

Why not show some love by making a donation to a local animal shelter, humane society or rescue.

You can show kindness not only by donating money, but many organizations need supplies, fosters and volunteers.  Give what you can, it is always appreciated!


5. Make pet care arrangements for any upcoming Spring and Summer travel

Planning a vacation for spring break or summer?slider dog

Now is the time to make pet care arrangements for when you will be away.

Spring and summer is right around the corner and it kicks off the first busy season since the holidays for many pet care providers.   Booking early is always a good idea both for you and the pet care provider.

It helps to assure that space will be available for your pet and it also allows for time to get to know your pet, should this be the first time you have left them alone or the first time you have used a particular person or company.

If you should need to do some trial visits or stays before you actually leave town, booking early will allow time to do this, and help you know that you have made the right choice for your pet and your particular situation.

Most pet care providers want the pets in their care to be comfortable and safe and they want you to have a relaxing, worry free vacation.  Doing some planning ahead, is a great way for everyone to be on the same page and create a successful pet care experience for your pet, peace of mind for you and a relaxing vacation!



Being a responsible pet owner is a life time commitment to our furry friends! 

They depend on us for their total well-being from providing the proper nutrition, to regular grooming and medical care, to providing them with a safe and comfortable environment to live, sleep, play, grow and bond with their best friends…us!


I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope you will implement some or all of them as you enter the month of February with your beloved pet.

 Thank you for being a responsible pet owner and sharing your life and love with a special pet!  

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